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My new dress makes me look like such a wide pig! I look like a butterball in everything I wear now it's impossible to even pretend to be a little pudgy, I'm a fatass now. And still growing!! You guys know I struggle with sweets the most so I added a fun spin on things. Prior to filming I ate a big chick fil meal then filmed dessert time. I figured since I love fried food why not make everything fried? I ordered fried oreos, fried cheesecake, fried kit kat, fried twinkies and french fries. Everything was so greasy I got a mouth full of oil with each bite. I eat as fast as I can while jiggling and showing off my growing gut. I also let out some burps for relief but I think I really pushed myself too far. First fried fast food lunch then a big fried food dessert stuffing, no wonder why I got such a bellyache in the middle of the video and you could see me in so much pain. Although, ironically it was a lot easier for me to keep stuffing with the fried desserts. I think my body just is drawn to the most fattening things I can get my hands on lol. This is the true definition of gluttony I can't think of anything more fattening to eat fried. The dress adds a nice touch, a cute dolled up lady stuffing herself with pure grease. I'm getting so fat this summer. I want to keep going so please keep supporting I have been getting more comments than ever by the people in my life that I'm blowing up. I love it.

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