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So prior to filming I stuffed myself and drank for hours! I show you all the empty wrappers of everything I stuffed in my belly and then continued to stuff for you. I made sure my belly was filled to the maximum before filming so you could see it giant and bloated while I force down the rest of the food. I was drinking a bunch of mimosas all morning and chugged the last of it on camera showing off the empty bottles of champagne and orange juice. I eat a bowl of pasta with seafood my belly absolutely loves all the carbs. For the last of the giant stuffing I squirt whip cream in my mouth. I wear the smallest thong I own and no bra. The pressure from my bra, shirt and pants was too painful on my swollen belly and tits. This is my second time filming topless this year and you can see how much my tits have grown since the last video. I rub my belly so much and show off my ass more than I normally do. Next I take a very sexy shower. This is my first time filming a full body shower and I nailed it with a perfect angle. I can't stop burping in the shower and I feel so big since the shower is so small! I'm basically crammed in taking a shower and you can see me struggle to even more around in there. My goal is to get so big I can't even fit inside so lets make it happen! I lather up my big belly and give you a jaw dropping show. The preview for the video in the photos set shows me shaking my ass into the camera and rubbing my belly while moaning from being so full and turned on. I love filming two part videos they are a bang for the buck. :)

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