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Time to bust out my 4th of July outfit and literally bust out. The bottoms were so tight they squeezed my ass and barley fit (took a lot of ripping to get them on) and my top barely covers my breasts. This is an outfit I had from way back in the day when I was skinny but now I look massive in it. I eat fettuccine shrimp alfredo and mozzarella sticks while telling you what it's been like being around my high school friends now that I'm a fatass. I have a bunch of stories, bare in mind I have not seen any of my hometown friends (besides my best friends) since I weighed 120 pounds. I go into detail about what it was like being around them, what going out to eat is like, what they've said to me, how I changed their eating habits and overall my feelings about being fat around them. Yes, these are real stories and yes i'm going to keep gaining weight. My drink makes me burp a lot and my belly is looking better each day. My best friends are used to me being fatter each time I see them but my hometown friends went from seeing me as a skinny cheerleader to a fatty. In the video I share all the specific stories and details I'm sure you're dying to know. I would have never been able to share these stories when I first started gaining but I've developed so much confidence in my new body that I really love sharing because I know you guys will get just as turned on by it as I did in the moment.

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