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I spent 10+ hours crafting together this video and here it is! I played back all my videos and found the best clips to showcase my weight gain journey so far. This video is a compilation from my first ever video up until my most recent video. I was super picky in the process to make sure this video included a little bit of everything. I included a bunch of different angles as well as also including clips of myself filming in the same positions so you can see the progression of my weight gain in my belly, breasts, legs, arms, double chin, etc. Theres also close ups/tight clothes I really wanted this to be PERFECT. It's muted so you can solely focus on my body and all the gaining. Each clip is about 30 seconds to 3 minutes long (I carefully selected the lengths of each clips) in order to keep it entertaining and engaging. As each clip goes on you can see my belly growing bigger and bigger and new stretch marks creep up my body due to all the weight I've piled on. Whether you've been watching me from the beginning or recently tuned in this will still have the same shock factor. I'm going to watch this video at least once a day from now on to remind myself of what I've done to my skinny body and to keep going. This really shows that I'm serious about getting FAT and I can't wait to make another compilation after I put on a couple more hundred pounds!! In the photo set for this video I included a bunch of images I've never shared before of myself skinny so check those out too. All I can say is thank you so much and lets continue this crazy fucking journey!! KISSES<3 Note: I received one message about there being no audio 1. in the description above i mention this 2. the video is solely to focus on my gaining! The audio didn't make sense in the video because they're snippets from parts of a bunch of different videos I carefully picked. Most gaining compilations are pictures so I tried to take it up a level and make a video one but this is just to restate in the description again that theres no audio if you're looking for a specific video with audio included they're all individually up for sale :)

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