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Summer is my favorite season and I can't wait to show off my beach body as much as I can. When I was skinny I'd go to the shore every weekend and the pool daily and now that I'm fat I'm even more excited to show everything off! When I was thin I'd always admire the fat girls on the beach and finally that can be me! Before I go in the pool I apply a bunch of oiled based sunblock on video and it makes for a great 360 view. I do a lot of bending over, turning around, etc and cover all of my body in oil which leaves me nice and shimmery in the sun. In the video I talk a lot about how I feel about being fat in public in my bikini and go into detail with all my experiences so far. I can't wait to keep growing and be the fattest whale on the beach :) I've been gaining extremely fast this summer and you can see all my new stretch marks (i show off my arm stretch marks too) and how BIG my belly is! I love how flattering this new bikini is and how it barely even fits over my tits. The bottoms were already breaking in the video you could see how I had to tie it in the front because it ripped from having to fit over my ass. I can't wait to keep getting bigger the summer is the best time to show off allllll my fat. I've received so much positive feedback over my last few videos and all the support really keeps me going and growing I appreciate it my loves now come watch me in a bikini ;)

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