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I haven't filmed a workout video in a while so what better way to attempt it than with a full belly and after I've gained a bunch of weight?! This is my first time filming a workout video outside and I had a lot of new ideas that I could try outdoors. I wear my old white workout top and some shorts which barely fits over me now. Its a four part video. The first part consists of me trying to run and you can see how hard I struggled. I was completely covered in sweat out of breath. Not to mention trying not to throw up all the food I just ate prior to filming. I can't even count on two hands how many cars passed and saw me while I was running they honestly probably felt bad for me lool. The next part I do jumping jacks, stretches, burpees, etc while standing and you can see how hard all of that was for me. Then I do something I used to have to do in cheerleading all the time, wall sits! I used enjoy them and I could hold it for over 5 minutes. This time my legs immediately were on fire and I couldn't hold it for more than 10 seconds. While I started doing this you can hear my brother fat shaming me in the background when he sees me attempting this lmao. I decided to leave the audio in of that because I get asked a lot about how my family reacts. The fourth part consists of me trying to do sit ups, stretches laying down, and finally a cool down that I use to talk about how shocked I am over how out of shape I am now. I have never been this out of shape and I talk about my old history in dance, cheerleading, gymnastic, etc and how much of a transformation this is for me now that I can't even do one sit up. I loved watching this back and seeing how my belly bounced around every time I attempted to run and how all the fat on my belly jiggled even when I did a jumping jack. This is my favorite workout video to date I really pushed myself and you can see my genuine struggle to even do the simplest of exercises.

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