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Behold, my best outgrown set to date! I can’t even begin to describe how excited I was to film this. I have not had these clothes on since high school and I filmed my live reaction of trying them on. I did not test run the outfits before filming so there are a lot of moments that I’m in complete shock over how much I’ve grown so far. I try on old dress shirts, dress shorts, workout clothes, club clothes, leggings, tank tops, etc I made sure there was a big variety of clothes like my XS tank tops (yes I used to actually fit into that perfectly lol) to my old white shorts. I physically could not fit into some of these outfits no matter how hard I tried. You’ll see shirts not be able to go over my chest, and pants that can’t even fit over my waist no matter how hard I struggled. I started sweating from all this work I couldn’t stop discussing how fat I realized I made myself. I even went into my jewelry box and got my old rings that don’t fit over my now swollen fat fingers! Some of these tops used to be baggy and now they can’t even fit over my big belly. I’d really appreciate it if you checked this video out because it’s a huge milestone for me I am so happy with my progress and you’ll get to see the reality of how much my body has actually grown over the course of this journey. I still have a longways to go but you’ll understand why this was so motivational after you see for yourself what a fat growing pig I am.

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