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It’s summer and I absolutely love wearing dresses everyday! I bought this new dress but I still look like a butterball in it! I love how I’m way pasted the point of being able to hide all the fat in my belly. I model it and start jiggling my belly. I haven’t filmed a video just shaking around my fat but when I do it in videos you guys absolutely love it, so why not dedicate an entire video to my fat! My jiggling belly looks like a dribbling basketball and I make sure to jiggle everything else too. I jump around so you can see all the fat I have on me now. I used to be so tiny now even when I walk I feel the fat in my body shaking, it’s such a nice incentive to keep growing it’s a feeling I never knew I’d adore so much! My favorite thing to do is dress up all cute and show off my fat as much as I can I look like an adorable piggy. Give the video a watch, I tried to make it feel like you were in the room jiggling my belly with your hands ;)

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