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I'm back and bigger than ever! In this video I discuss what it was like traveling around Japan as a big girl. It was definitely much different being fat in Japan vs America that's for sure. I talk about how much I struggled during all the walking, taking up more room on public transportation, squeezing in tiny spaces, etc. I was not prepared for all the struggles I encountered I don't even think I would have been able to do the trip at 300 pounds to be honest! I went with a group of my skinny friends and we did a LOT of walking so next time I need to go with a fellow fatty or just book a beach vacation lol. Everything is designed for skinny people hahaha. The food was amazing but I needed 2 dinner plates to fill up my tummy (which was always shocking to the servers) and I talk about how much I feasted on their delicious candy. I had so much fun but there's definitely a lot of specific stories I know you all will love. It was my favorite trip I've ever been on I can't stress enough how much I fell in love with Japan. But it's such a turn on knowing what I've done to my body and the obstacles I encounter now all due to my gluttony. Give this a watch if you're curious how it all went for me :)

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