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I mention immobility but I’ve never gone into detail about it so I figured now that I’ve doubled my weight it would be a good time to sit down and talk about my fascination with it from start to finish. In this video I go way back to discussing when I realized I had the fetish, how I started to gain, what my body was like before gaining, etc. After I’ve given you a good summary of my backstory I talk about how I started dabbling with the idea and how turned on from immobility I actually am. I talk about my realistic future goals and how immobility is my favorite aspect of this fetish. I also discuss what I think of my gaining so far and how I’m enjoying it. I like to really enjoy and savor over every new pound, every new stretch mark, etc I am gaining for nobody but myself and I’m over the moon thankful that I have you guys to enjoy the journey with me. I appreciate the support from here it makes me smile. If you guys were ever curious of why I’m into immobility and my thoughts on gaining this video answers a bunch of questions I’ve never touched upon in the past. I tried to answer anything and everything I could think of so nothing was off the table. No cuts no notes nothing was rehearsed I made this as organic as possible so I can really be understood. I love when people watch these types of videos and get a deeper understanding of where my mind is at when it comes to all of this.

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