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I rarely drink in videos but this was a request I could not resist! I drank 3 beers prior to filming and then chugged one while filming from a fun angle. I’ve never done a below point of view video before so it’s super sexy to see my belly above you. It’s like you’re laying under me. I jiggle my belly and tits while getting super out of breath. I jiggle from the side, from the front, etc while changing up the speed. So much jiggling my belly is covered in fat I would have never been able to do this when I was skinny. It was hard to keep my balance and I did a bit of stumbling but it was all in good fun. I get very silly when I’m drunk so of course I say a lot of embarrassing things while admiring my body. And there’s some nice beer burps to go along with things. I film drunk videos once in a blue moon so it’s always fun to watch them back and see myself get silly.

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