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I know you really wanted to win this contest, but so did everyone else so don't hold your breathe. I first begin by telling you to imagine what you'd do with me for a day. Would we go to the buffet? Or would you cook for me? Would you tie me up? How would the day go? I tell you my ideal day with a feeder then it's time to draw a name! And congratulations, the winner is you! During the second part of the video I lay back and moan over how full you made me after a long day of stuffing. But I noticed something, you wouldn't stop starring at my mouth. At first I figured its because you were impressed by how much I was eating but it became apparent you wanted to be next. Well, it is your day so before you could even change your mind I'm devouring you. During the last part of the video you see my belly shaking around and how hard it was to keep you down. This is my first time filming such an interactive video I would appreciate it if you could check it out and tell me if you want me to start doing videos like this more often, plus I love how smoothly I incorporate vore into things ;D heheh.

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