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This is definitely my most provocative video to date. Now that I have almost 150+ pounds of fat on my body I couldn't help but notice how different sex feels. I could never go back to being skinny for that reason alone. So much soft fat to grab onto and it just feels so good when it all jiggles in every position. In this video I go into detail about that while also sharing some of my fat sex fantasies. I think it would be so much fun to have a skinny girl in bed that used to be my size just to see how it used to feel to have sex with me vs now. Well thats just a little snippet of all the dirty things I had to say. I also make it interesting by modeling positions for you like doggy style, laying on my back etc. I wear a sexy fishnet outfit and my black bra and panties match it perfect. Its so funny to hear how much the bed creaks while I shake around on me. Tell me what ya think.

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