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I need to come clean about a little (well big) secret I've been hiding. You know how my belly grows so fast? Or how my stretch marks look like someone is trying to escape from my belly? Well, I'm pregnant. Not just any regular pregnancy though, this is an alien baby! Which makes my belly grow bigger and faster than any regular pregnancy. My alien baby is going to make my belly explode when it's ready to come out! Watch me moan in pain as my belly jiggles, inflates, rolls etc from the monster torturing me from the inside. I slap my belly to stop the kicking. I lay down on my back and the way my belly sticks up is incredible. It looks like theres a watermelon inside my tummy. My thighs are covered and cellulite and thanks to my new filming equipment you can see it perfectly. I really got into pregnant character in this video and it came out pretty sexy. I didn't know pregnancy was a fetish I was into until I really dabbled with it in this video. So give it a watch and please give me feedback because it's something I can see myself doing more often if you guys like it. If you're like me and haven't given it much thought I really want you to check this out and see if it's something you never realized you were into as well. Fetishes are so fun.

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