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I never realized painting a wall could be so sexy! On day one after applying two coats of primer I realized this would be an extremely hot video, and wow rewatching it back proved me right. Since I taped off the ac/heat unit I was sweating up a storm so I had to strip down to my bra and panties so I could stop sweating. Watch all my fat and ass shake and I paint and enjoy the different positions I go in. Leaning, bending, squatting, etc it all makes for a jaw dropping view. Of course I show off my belly too but this video is 95% ass which I'm sure isn't an issue ;D Tasks like this are such an eye opener in proving to me how out of shape I am. If I ever have to paint again I'm going to save myself the sweat and hire someone so enjoy this sexy once in a lifetime video as much as I did watching it too.

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