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Meet Angel Feeder and Devil Feeder!

Angel feeder tells you how great you'd look with some extra pounds. She reassures you at any point you can stop, she even comforts you by telling you she'd actually help you lose weight if you aren't enjoying the gains. She gives you plenty of reassurance that you'd look great at any weight but some extra pounds would look amazing! She will make you all your favorite meals and make sure you're always in control of how much you eat and how much you gain.

Devil feeder is pure evil. She wants to torture you 24/7 and make sure you know much much of a fat slob you are. She wants you to outgrow all your clothes then force you to wear it in public. Her goal is for your family and friends to be disgusted by how much of a overweight pig you've become. She controls how much you eat and you have no say in anything. Evil feeder wants to humiliate you and is just using you as a toy. You'll explode eventually and she will move onto her next victim.

Which feeder do you want?

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