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After days of nonstop eating I was about to burst open. Just seconds before I was about to explode the witches told me they'd reverse the spell. I was so relieved but they did the unthinkable. They turned me into their pet pig! That wasn't even enough for them, they also put a curse on me that I won't stop burping for eternity. They gave me the deepest, longest burps possible that I would have never been able to achieve without the spell. As much as it turns me on it's also torture! I can't even talk without having to let out a big belch. I'm stuck being their burping piggy for life and they're loving every second of it. All they do is feed me and watch me burp helplessly for hours. Give it a listen and tell me if you're on their side or mine. I can't lie I do love having these unearthly burps. It almost feels like a super power, but a painful one!

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