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My vampire instincts have kicked in and it's more than just food that I want in my belly. I need human flesh to satisfy my needs. I want to funnel your blood and eat everything down to your bones with my fangs. Can I please just try one bite? Although I may not be able to resist the smell of your blood. I won't even bother wasting my time turning you into sausage I'll just eat your flesh raw. I'll gently graze my fangs over your skin and work my way into harder biting. I wonder how different areas taste. I'm sure your juicy thigh taste sweet. Vampires feed for survival and I have to fulfill my desires. I need my satisfaction. Please let me know how you are liking my Halloween videos, I've been thinking of ideas the whole year and picked the best ones to film. It took a lot of creativity and work I hope you're enjoying them :)

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