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Its Halloween; my favorite holiday of the year but for all the wrong reasons. You're so excited to go trick or treating. All you want to get is some yummy candy to eat, but I have other plans for you. You come to my door thinking it's harmless but you've just made the biggest mistake of your life. I lure you in and the second you come inside you realize what you've just signed yourself up for. I've been devouring trick or treaters all night and you're next. I start with your fingers then work my way up your arm. You beg for mercy but I do not spare you. I gobble you up like a snack while you cry for help. I am ruthless and you're mine now. I will not stop until the whole town is inside of my belly. As this is taking place I here a knock at the door. Want to know whats next? Check out the video ;)

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