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This definitely has to be my craziest idea yet. This is a 2 part video. In the first half you'll watch me inflate myself till my belly looked like a blown up beach ball. I describe to you all the pain i'm feeling, where i'm feeling it, and plenty of other sexy details. I held in all my burps to insure my belly was maxed out. Inflation is just so hot to me, it's a different type of feeling you can't get from eating or chugging. In the second part I pour three 500 calorie Boost boxes into a clear cup, coming to a grand total of 1,500 calories. This was an absolutely ridiculous idea that took the video to new limits. Forcing all of it down while already inflated to dangerous levels. It was amazing. I chugged it as fast as I can moaning in pain through the whole thing. I make sure to finish every last drop and i'm immediately hit with more pain. At that point I know releasing some of the pressure was the only way to get some relief. I let out a string of monstrous burps, rubbing my belly in hopes to feel better. This video came out absolutely perfect, I've been practicing with my inflation machine a lot and I'm so excited to have mastered my craft. I think this has to be my favorite video to date! Inflation, chugging and burps- doesn't get better than that.

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