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I've been gaining so much weight in my belly I have neglected the fact my ass has grown a tremendous amount. I am shocked with my results and extremely excited to show you how big it has become so far. I start off in a thong and do measurements for you ;) then I put on the see-through sweatpants I wore in my last butt video filmed in Feb (10 months ago) so as you can imagine the progress is amazing. The sweatpants are skin tight and my ass looks rounder than ever. Next I model two pairs of underwear and you can see how skin tight they were and my ass squeezing into them. I try on a new pair of yoga pants and they're already so tight I show you a shot of my ass trying to fit into everything including a pair of shorts I used to wear when I was skinny. I do close ups, bending over, doggy styled positions, etc so you can get a perfect view of what I have done to myself. Not to mention plenty of playing with my new cellulite. I finish off by rubbing my ass down with lotion and telling you how I love outgrowing all my underwear and pants. I talk about how I want to keep growing and can't wait to see what my ass looks like when I'm immobile. I rarely do butt videos so enjoy and please keep supporting me so every inch of my body can keep growing on my journey :)

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