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I've never tried any form of inflation before so this was super exciting to try out. After a long day of stuffing my belly I decided to try out a technique I've heard a lot about. I filled up a pitcher of water and alternated chugging and swallowing air. I was shocked how much I was able to stretch my belly. Mouth full after mouth full of air made my tummy so bubbly and my belly bulged out faster than ever. I got really heavy hiccups and you can see me in such pain. The hiccups became super intense I started struggling to even breath. Between that and all the deep burps you really can see how far I've come. I chug like a beast determined to feel like a massive goddess. I loved having all the water sloshing around my belly. At the end I shake my belly around letting all the liquid jiggle around inside of me. I looked super pregnant and lately from my weigh gain my tits have been extremely swollen and uncomfortable in bras. You can see the outline to my pretty tits and how nice my ass looks in skin tight bottoms. My body is growing faster than I could have imagined and with your help I will keep growing until I pop. Thank you guys :)

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