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Bandeja Paisa
38 Pics - 1 Vids
Dec 12 19
Four Burgers Combo
30 Pics - 1 Vids
Dec 10 19
Before Compilation
28 Pics - 2 Vids
Dec 05 19
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Biggest stuffing:4 burgers!
Clothing Sizes:5
Current weight:140 lbs
Goal weight:200 lbs
Height:5 3''
Starting weight:120 lbs
What alcholic drink do you like?:Beer
Updated: Dec 10 19
I am AbilDec 10 19
 Hi there, thank you for visiting my profile, I am Abil, GinRose's friend I am not so big as she is but I would like to be some day. One year ago I was really thin but I like food too much so I got thick, now...
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