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Outgrown Clothing
40 Pics - 1 Vids
Dec 18 19
Tuna Sandwiches
27 Pics - 2 Vids
Dec 17 19
Fish-sticks stuffing
30 Pics - 2 Vids
Dec 14 19
Pasta Stuffing
26 Pics - 3 Vids
Dec 11 19
Spaghetti Stuffing
28 Pics - 2 Vids
Dec 08 19
Request for Sammy Sloppy Joes
26 Pics - 1 Vids
Dec 05 19
First Measurements
29 Pics - 0 Vids
Dec 03 19
First Stuffing
12 Pics - 2 Vids
Dec 01 19
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Biggest stuffing:I can eat a whole large pizza and a gallon of ice cream by myself
Clothing Sizes:0, 2
Current week in pregnancy:I’m not pregnant, I just look that way!
Current weight:119
Favorite foods and drinks:Mexican food! Italian food, Indian food, and anything spicy! Sushi, and dessert pastries!
Favorite Pregnant Fantasy:Carrying 8 of Hemingway’s children all at once
Favorite Stuffing Fantasy:Being able to eat 1,000 pieces of sushi and still have room for an after dinner espresso !
Goal weight:200
Height:5 foot 3
Location:From the South, Y’all!
Measurements:Bum 36, thighs 20 around, bust 34, waist 28, tummy 33,
Starting weight:99
What alcholic drink do you like?:Corona Light with Salt & Micheladas with extra Tobasco and olives
Categories:Modeling, Stuffing
Updated: Nov 30 19
Out of town w family for holiday please forgive Dec 24 19
Please forgive me for my lapse of absence. I dearly apologize. I’m in a position where I’m with family and will be until the 2nd, and I will be doing all I can to upload new things and content. Thank...
Fatty GoalsDec 16 19
 Hello there, and happy Monday,  I hope this finds you well! I was amazing trusted with a camera out of great generosity, so I’m learning how to use it!  I've just made my first movie with...
The cold front persists, and a dead fish storyDec 11 19
Goodnight and hello there, it’s bedtime! It is a frigid 48 degrees outside! To me, that’s way too cold. Unless you’re a refrigerator. I grew up on the beach, and I’m used to the...
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