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Pasta Stuffing
25 Pics - 0 Vids
Dec 20 18
Chugging Milk
32 Pics - 2 Vids
Dec 17 18
26 Pics - 2 Vids
Dec 15 18
5 Pics - 0 Vids
Dec 14 18
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Biggest stuffing:Whole crownie box
Clothing Sizes:7
Current week in pregnancy:N/A
Current weight:150
Favorite foods and drinks:Pizza, Chicken, chocolates
Favorite Pregnant Fantasy:N/A
Favorite Stuffing Fantasy:Eat chocolate cake and milk
Goal weight:180
Location:Yulee Florida
Measurements:35 inches
Starting weight:150
What alcholic drink do you like?:Strawberry Rita
Categories:Chugging, Modeling, Stuffing
Updated: Dec 13 18
ChuggingDec 13 18
 Just uploaded a chugging video xx
Magic EliDec 04 18
Heyo! This is Magic Eli just saying hi. I’m 20 years old with a bright smile. My current weight is 150 but my goal weight is 180 pounds. My favorite foods are chocolate, pizza and quesadillas.  Enjoy...
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