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Cake Stuffing Request
53 Pics - 1 Vids
Jun 29 18
Spaghetting Stuffing
57 Pics - 1 Vids
Jun 25 18
Baby Pink Fishnets
62 Pics - 1 Vids
Jun 15 18
Pizza Lunch Stuffing
51 Pics - 1 Vids
Jun 04 18
Junk Food Stuffing
105 Pics - 1 Vids
Jun 01 18
First Model Set
42 Pics - 1 Vids
May 30 18
12 Pics - 0 Vids
May 30 18
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Biggest stuffing:1lbs double cheeseburger, extra large fries, 1lbs spaghetti, two large coleslaws, And more!
Clothing Sizes:16/3X
Current weight:177lbs
Favorite foods and drinks:Cheeseburger, tacos, cheesecake, coke/cherry coke, iced tea, root beer!
Favorite Stuffing Fantasy:Being fed a giant, chocolate fudge cake, while I ride my partner to pure and ultimate bliss!
Goal weight:225lbs
Starting weight:155lbs
What alcholic drink do you like?:Gin and ginger, Budweiser, whiskey sour, tequila, White Owl Whiskey!
Categories:Modeling, Stuffing
Updated: Jul 07 18
Sexy Hot Tub NightJul 07 18
 It was already so hot outside, but I didn’t care...       It was 2am, and I’ve already had too many drinks already, but I decided to strip down to my underwear and get in the...
What Do You Like?Jun 25 18
 Tell Me What You Want, Baby...       Tell me what you prefer to see more of, do you like seeing more stuffing content? Modelling content? Chugging?  As I do provide a service to my...
Spaghetti StuffingJun 14 18
 My plate was absolutely HEAPING!       I piled my plate as much as I could, over an entire box of noodles, a pound of ground meat, veggies, and LOTS AND LOTS of cheese. So melty and creamy,...
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