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Biggest stuffing:I have no self control at buffets ;)
Clothing Sizes:Medium
Current weight:138
Favorite foods and drinks:French fries for breakfast lunch and dinner
Favorite Stuffing Fantasy:Ahh, I'm dying to encounter an evil feeder that forces food down my throat 24/7
Goal weight:Immobile
Starting weight:120
What alcholic drink do you like?:Anything from the Sugar Factory!
Categories:Modeling, Stuffing
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Updated: Jan 31 17
Valentines day fantasy Feb 11 17
I wish someone would tie me down to a bed and shove valentines day chocolate down my throat. An evil feeder who makes sure I finish it all, even if I scream and beg for it to stop.
So much fatJan 21 17
Wow, today I filmed a video and I'm shocked about how much I was able to gain. I'm so happy I've been able to grow so much in such a short amount of time. I'm so excited to start looking fatter and fatter for you...
Ideas!Jan 11 17
I have some fun video ideas and I cannot wait until I get to film them :) I just got a new camera so be on the lookout for a quality improvement on pictures/videos. Stay tuned folks!!
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