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Pizza and Beer
26 Pics - 1 Vids
Jan 06 17
Outgrown Clothes : Request
25 Pics - 1 Vids
Jan 03 17
25 Pics - 2 Vids
Jan 02 17
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Biggest stuffing:Pizza Hut! Whole pizza, appetizer, 2 liter coke (that was a bad idea!)
Clothing Sizes:14 pants, XL shirts and underwear, 40DD bra
Current weight:200lbs
Favorite foods and drinks:Pizza, Chipotle, Sushi, Pepsi
Favorite Stuffing Fantasy:Being rubbed by someone while stuffed in public
Goal weight:No goal set!
Starting weight:200lbs
What alcholic drink do you like?:I don't drink, but if I had to choose, Mascato wine
Categories:Modeling, Stuffing
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Updated: Jan 01 17
Queen Aria's UpdateJan 18 17
hey guys!! I just wanted to write and let you know I've been feeling super under the weather. I caught a bad flu bug and have been keeping a low, lazy profile. I'm hoping by the weekend I can have a new set up for...
Weekend Stuffing!Jan 06 17
 Hey guys!! I just put up a beer and pizza stuffing per request, it was so fun to make! My belly is tight and I am exhausted and tipsy. Anyway I hope you enjoy it, check it out and subscribe :) xo
Amazon Wishlist Jan 01 17
 Here is my amazon wish list available to you guys!  
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