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Beer Chug Post Stuffing
29 Pics - 2 Vids
Feb 26 17
Pizza Stuffing
29 Pics - 2 Vids
Feb 24 17
School Girl:Giant Wing Stuffing
33 Pics - 1 Vids
Feb 19 17
Valentine's Day Fun
25 Pics - 1 Vids
Feb 14 17
Candy Bars
25 Pics - 2 Vids
Feb 08 17
Belly Play Post Stuffing
27 Pics - 2 Vids
Feb 04 17
Cookies and Milk
28 Pics - 2 Vids
Jan 29 17
Chipotle and Burger Feast
25 Pics - 2 Vids
Jan 27 17
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Biggest stuffing:Giant chipotle stuffing! Two burritos, chips, and a large pepsi.
Clothing Sizes:14 pants, XL shirts and underwear, 40DD bra
Current weight:205lbs
Favorite foods and drinks:Pizza, Chipotle, Sushi, Burgers, Pepsi.. pretty much everything!
Favorite Stuffing Fantasy:Being rubbed by someone while stuffing in public
Goal weight:No goal set! Keep on growing
Starting weight:160
What alcholic drink do you like?:Wine or beer
Categories:Bellybutton, Modeling, Stuffing
Updated: Feb 24 17
Aria's Fantasies..Feb 20 17
In a perfect world, I would love to be the fat, spoiled, piggy princess I deserve to be.  That's why I love sharing my wishlist with you all, I LOVE being spoiled. I not only feed off that, but it's sexy to...
I have a big fat ass...Feb 08 17
 What? It's true! So I was thinking on my drive home how being fat is changing my life, in good and "bad" ways. In my friend group and even co-workers, I am by far the fat one. For the past two or...
New set suprises!Feb 04 17
 Hey guys!! I know I was a little MIA being sick over the last month, so I decided to do TWO sets released tonight! The first one is a fun candy stuffing I did after stuffing all weekend. The second is my personal...
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