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Dec 11 16
Fitting Out Grown Clothes
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Before I gained 15 Kiloz
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Dec 01 16
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Biggest stuffing:8 BOWLS OF SPAGGETI
Clothing Sizes:38/14
Current week in pregnancy:NOT PREGGOS
Current weight:80KG
Favorite foods and drinks:fanta
Favorite Pregnant Fantasy:not preggos
Favorite Stuffing Fantasy:Chicken
Goal weight:150KG
Location:South Africa
Starting weight:80kg
What alcholic drink do you like?:ciders and Red Wine
Categories:Modeling, Stuffing
Updated: Nov 23 16
First SetNov 23 16
hi everyone my name is Piggy ,I just joined the site after getting 15 kiloz I decided to show how other people how my body is expanding and how it becoming beautiful